About Istanbul University 

Istanbul University (Turkish: ─░stanbul Üniversitesi) is a prominent Turkish university located in Istanbul. The main campus is adjacent to Beyaz─▒t Square. Istanbul University was established in 1453 and has many more facilities compared to other universities. It is composed of 12 separated complexes and has 20 faculties, 3 schools, 6 technical and vocational training schools, 1 music training center, 14 institutes and 14 research centers. Istanbul University is benefited from attendance of 5300 educational staff and 7000 employees. In Istanbul University, 9000 associate students, 65000 Bachelor students and 14500 postgraduate students are studying. The main campus building with its landmark gate was previously used as the headquarters of Ministry of War by the Ottoman government. In 2010, this university obtains 401st rank among 500 top universities in world by ranking institute of world universities. Istanbul University honors obtaining a noble prize in literature. Istanbul University has a big library which has about 2 Million Books. Professor to student ratio is 1 to 16. The educational language of university is Turkish, English, German and France. The main courses of university are taught in historical building of Beyazit university complex. The university gate is one of the well-known historical doors in country. Central and specialized libraries  has special richness due to its being original. The university theses in central library are added to its importance. Beyazit public library is located near university and is one of the biggest libraries in Turkey.


Accommodation and feeding

Istanbul University has 7 complexes. In Avcilar welfare complex, 1500 students and in Mohammadkhan dormitory, 2000 students are residing. There are 24-hour health services in dormitories.

Since faculties and higher education schools of university are located at different regions, University lacks central cafeteria. Lunch is given to universities in all faculties. And there is cafeteria and buffet there. In Beyazit and Vezneciler), there are cheap buffets and restaurants.



About 40000 student are benefiting scholarship of private and official foundations and institutes. University grants scholarship to some students too. Those who are among first 500 persons, the top students of class, 5 successful persons in art, 5 persons in culture part and 5 persons in sport part are benefiting from university scholarship.


Cultural activities

Number of clubs which act in cultural activities in faculties are about 200 ones. Meanwhile, the students can cooperate in student cultural center which was established in 1990 in Beyazit complex. Each club has showroom and cinema hall in which they can do different cultural activities during year. There is a studying hall which has current press. At the beginning of academic year, the university holds a celebration entitled as “cultural days of Istanbul University” upon partnership of cultural clubs.


Health services

Health services of university are supplied by head of the department of health, art and sport in medical-social center to students. In special conditions, Istanbul medical faculties and Jarrah Pasha plays helping role in treating students. For dentistry, the faculty of dentistry serve the students. There is a mental consulting center in faculty of literature.


Sport activities:

Avcillar covered sport hall is in standard Olympic level. The university has required charactristics in basketball, volleyball, and handball.

Covered saloon of faculty of medicine of Jarrah Pasha, Istanbul medical faculty and institute of marine science are opened from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM for all students. Student teams are established in sport unit of university and interested students can cooperate in these teams. Meanwhile, in central complex, there is a football playing field, basketball playing field. Meanwhile, faculties of connections, medicine of Jarrah Pasha, Jungle and marine science each has playing fields.

In Apr. and May, sport ceremonies are hold in university each year.



  • Faculty of medicine of Jarrah Pasha
  • Faculty of financial management
  • Faculty of connections
  • Faculty of dentistry
  • Faculty of theology
  • Faculty of economics
  • Faculty of engineering
  • Faculty of fishery
  • Faculty of forestry
  • Faculty of health
  • Faculty of law
  • Faculty of literature
  • Faculty of distance learning
  • Faculty of pharmacy
  • Faculty of politics
  • Faculty of sciences
  • Faculty of veterinary
  • Faculty of nursing of FloranceNighting
  • Faculty of education of Hassan Ali Bojel
  • Faculty of medicine of Istanbul



  • Institute of accounting
  • Institute of principles and expressions of Ataturk
  • Institute of trading economics
  • Institute of cardiology and vascular
  • Institute of child health
  • Institute of Eurasia
  • Institute of experimental medicine
  • Institute of criminology
  • Institute of tuberculosis and pulmonary diseases
  • Institute of marine sciences and management
  • Institute of medical sciences
  • Institute of neurology
  • Institute of oncology
  • Institute of sciences
  • Institute of social sciences
  • Institute of Turkish studies


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