Holding Conference 

For benefiting the cooperation of professors, researchers and university students in all over Iran, Turkey and worldand upon frequent request of researchers and participants and along with saving the costs and time of participants and increasing the quality of services, the conference will be held as attendance and non-attendance. The non-attendance participants will present papers in personal panel on 28 July via hall of presenting papers in internet. In this hall, all participants and reviewers of scientific committee can observe all the presented poster papers and if they have any question, they can raise their question and the paper presenter will reply the related question as online. All participants in conference as non-attendance can present their paper in site as online and receive subjects related to conference. The attendance participants will attend Istanbul University on 28 July and will participate in conference programs including presenting report of process of holding and presenting papers, presenting accepted papers as oral, summing up presented papers as poster, keynote speeches, specialized panels, training workshops, specialized fair, sightseeing and specialized tours, ending ceremonies and appreciating top persons of conference. It shall be noted that there is no difference in certificates issued for attendance and non-attendance participants and all items will be sent at last one week after holding conference via express mail to non-attendance participants.


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