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Wise Professors, Respectable Researchers and Dear Students:

Using opinions and specialty of university and industrial elite society for planning for reinforcing industry cycle and products in different areas of science, engineering and benefiting new findings for localizing and using new engineering technologies in world is an important requirement. Innovation is the factor of progressing in developed countries and regretting factor in developing countries. Nowadays technology plays basic role in improving people’s lives. Technology whether is intrinsic and based on domestic research and development activities and whether with foreign origin requires management in transfer and development process. Nowadays necessity of considering applied factors in science and engineering can be considered as basis of national gross production for sustainable exporting to countries in region and world. So reinforcing technology in science and engineering and its development increases the productivity and self-productivity of people of a country and transfer it to an important country in world. What is certain is that moving toward development will be achieved when there are scientific and practical infrastructures, universities, engineering organizations and other executive organs are guarantor and executive of establishing such infrastructures.

In this regard, holding international research conference on sciences and engbineering along with successful holding of previous conferences and their widespread reflection in Istanbul University and having used the previous experiences, esteemed professors at well-known universities in Turkey and world and scientific-research organs, is a proper opportunity for exchanging information and providing new research findings and gathering the experts, pundits, scientists, academics, policy makers, directors and competent and interested organizations, consulting engineers, specialists and interested ones on engineering, science and humanities. Holding this conference, provides the possibility of exchanging ideas and a scientific relation with universities and specialty centers in country and world about common concepts of science, engineering and other related issues with conference topics.

Accordingly the secretariat of international research conference on science and engineering proudly invites all professionals, experts, university students, researchers and scientists of industrial, research and scientific centers to participate in various programs of this international conference and by presenting their last scientific and executive achievements provide the opportunity to gain the above mentioned objectives.


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